...As a Street Rat Instrumentals
Baby Powder Fingertips
BlackSabbath instrumentals (hopefully)
The Book of Genesis
Chinese Laundry Instrumentals
Dragonfly Destiny Instrumentals
Enabling the Disabled to End
Gadget Goes to High School!
Gadget's Last Hurrah
GarageBand Gasms
The Ghost of Grandmaster Flash instrumentals
Gynophobia 2
Hamiltonstrumentals: Dorm Edition 
Herbal Essences Recall Order (She's My HERO)
I Know Ya'll Aint Got These
Jack and the Box
MPCH=Gadget and Friends
My Two Dads
Now We're Just Having Fun
On Some Early Sh1t
On Some Other Sh1t
One 4 SK (A)
Phoenix Thursday
The Pink Ultrasound
Quick Calls Home
Sounds of the Lavalamp Vol. 1
Sounds of the Lavalamp Vol. 2: The Uncertain Future of Music
Sounds of the Lavalamp Vol. 3: LiquidVibration
Speechless in Brooklyn
Spelling Bee
Staff Development 2: Cold Case (beats)
Tafie2much: One 4 FDA
Take Me To Your Leader
Ugly Instrumentals
Uncle Jigga's Wardrobe
V2k12 instrumental
Waitin' On Tasha
Watching and Listening

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  1. Wow I had no idea CH made this many beats... A lot of them are incredible, but why are some low quality, he saves his own beats in low quality or are they bootleg ripped