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 ***NOTICE*** I have moved all of my Hamilton music to a new site. Please click here to view the new site, as I am no longer maintaining this one. Thanks!

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Welcome to The Charles Hamilton Music Project. This is my collection of Charles Hamilton’s music. It is listed in alphabetical order... well it's pretty close.  

If you have projects, artwork, songs, found something not working, or just want to reach out then e-mail me at

For recent changes, please see the CHANGELOG

So... All of the instrumentals tapes have been included down below with all of the other projects. I have had requests that there be a separate instrumentals page.

I have been asked about an easier way to find projects on here. You can search using your browser by using ctrl+F or if on a Mac cmd+F.

Abracadabra (3rd Eye Magic) (Soundcloud/Spotify)
African Child P
African Child P: Youtube Edition (All music videos)
...After Them Niggas Played Madlib
Al Simmon's Wedding Ring (A)
American Gangsta : Who Is Charles Hamilton?
American Gangsta V2.0 Where Is Charles Hamilton
Andrea Mendez
Apocalyptic Rebellion
Apple's Album
Arguments With Briana
Arguments With Briana: When I Wanna Wonder a mogul
...As a Street Rat
...As a Street Rat Instrumentals
AstroLove Says Go
At Most Im Just...
Atlantis And A... ('08, '09, '10)
ATTPD2: FUCK HOUSE SHOES (All Caps, With Dilla's Permission_)
ATTPD3: LifeSentence
ATTPD4: The Nastiest, Freakiest, Ratchetist Tribute You Could Ever Hear
August 14th Doom Thousand and Twelve
Autumn a bi-polar rabbit
Autumn Holocaust
Ayo! These Niggaz Went Hollywood (Demevolist)
Baby Powder Fingertips
Back To The Future, Back To The Haze (Feat. Corpy)
Bacharach Attacks!
A Bad Representation Ugly
Beats For The Cause
BeforeAtari? (Soundcloud)
Best Of 2010
The Binge Vol. 1: Staring At The Lavalamp
The Binge Vol. 2: Gathering Dust
The Binge Vol. 3: Charles Hamilton's Last Mixtape
The Black Owl
BlackSabbath instrumentals (hopefully)
Blankets In Hell
The Blue Lavalamp (m/a/t/e: Mirrors Are The Enemy)
The Blue Lavalamp (m/a/t/e: Mirrors Are The Enemy) HD
The Bonus & Unreleased
The Bonus & Unreleased 2
The Bonus & Unreleased 3
The Bonus & Unreleased 4
The Bonus & Unreleased 5
The Bonus & Unreleased 6
The Bonus & Unreleased 7
The Bonus & Unreleased: Freestyle Edition
The Book of Genesis
Boy Who Played With Barbie
The Broken Pink Lavalamp
Bug Out.
The Byte
C.A.T.S. Can
Camera Coolant (Egyptian Circus)
Catholic Illuminati: Infinite Psalms
Catholic Illuminati: Papal Infallibility
Catholic Illuminati: The 9th Wonder Album
Catholic Illuminati: V2k12
CH's Garage Sale
The Charles Hamilton Project
Charles Hamilton's Attempts at "Swag"
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Chef Salad (Hosted by Teardropz) ft  S.K.E the Heistman & Spud Mack
Chinese Laundry
Chinese Laundry Instrumentals
Cinematic Halloucinations present: The Bully and The Pet
Coke Whore habits.
the come down
Compiters and The Sun soundtrack
Cosmic Politican'
Crash Landed
The Dead Zone
Death and the Downs
Death Of The Mixtape Rapper
Doom Kitty (see StH3: Red Shoe Diaries)
Dope2go (The Halo+ Hamilton Project)
Dragonfly Destiny
Dragonfly Destiny Instrumentals
Edge's First Mixtape (TCHE) (A)
Enabling the Disabled to End
Every Charles Hamilton Ex-Girlfriend's Worst Nightmare
The Evil Microchip
Excellence of Execution:The Pink and Black Attack
Fear the Reaper
Feel the Reaper
First Order of Business (Demevolist)
Flamez Crib vol. 1 & 2 (Demevolist)
(For Your Locker)
From the Desk Of...
Gadget Goes to High School!
Gadget's Last Hurrah
GarageBand Gasms
Geriatric Youth
Getting High Before Graduation
The Ghost of Grandmaster Flash instrumentals
Grow Wing Pains
Gullible Me_ 
Gynophobia 2
Hamilton, Charles (iTunes/Amazon/Google Play/Spotify)
Hamiltonstrumentals: Dorm Edition
Happy 9Th Birthday!
Happy 9th Birthday! 2: Cruel Halloween OST
The Hardest Mixtape EVER muthafcuker
Herbal Essences Recall Order (She's My HERO)
"Here We Go Again..."
Hov Kitty (3/21)
I Always Die In Brooklyn
I Hate Trouble
I Know Ya'll Aint Got These
If Ever I
Ill Doesn't Meen Classic (Britney Smith and her advice)
Immortal / An Immortal
It's Charles Hamilton
Jack and the Box
Just Go!
Kids In The Jungle
Kill the Reaper
(KittyKitty) Awkwarde 4: Beyonce's War
The L Word
The L Word: Off the Hook
The L Word: Ultimate
The L Word II: Lust and Love (INcomplete)
The L Word III: Mic Check
The L Word IV: She's A Subtitle
The L Word V: Madonna's Submission
Life From Times Square
Live From The Sour Stash
LoadItCockItAimItBaby (at my 10th Grade girlfriend's house)
Loud and Wrong
The Madness Album
Man of the House
Mastery: The Love Album
Mended Friendship
Merlin's Miraclez
Miami Heroine (Overdosage of Liters)
Minaj Kitty (Awkward 3: CampusRedCapet)
MPCH=Gadget and Friends
Music Televison
My Brain Is Alive
My Heart
My Two Dads
Nadia Psalms
Nadia's Untitled Fantasies
The Nils Styger _mixtape
Now We're Just Having Fun
On Some Early Sh1t
On Some Other Sh1t
One 4 SK (A)
Outside Looking
Pet the Scorpion
Phoenix Thursday
The Pink Lavalamp
The Pink Ultrasound
Planet of the Grapes
Please Listen To My Memo
The Power Of Illumination
Quick Calls Home
Rhapsody Case Closed
SEGA Goes To Hell
Separation Anxiety
A Shot In The Dark
Shut Up Already!!! (3 Song Mixtape)
SkateKey in '87
Snap Crackle Pop
Sober Karaoke
The Socratic Doomer
Somewhat Of A Blur
Sound 9
Sounds of the Lavalamp Vol. 1
Sounds of the Lavalamp Vol. 2: The Uncertain Future of Music
Sounds of the Lavalamp Vol. 3: LiquidVibration
Speechless in Brooklyn
Spelling Bee
The Spiral Notebook
Staff Development
Staff Development 2
Staff Development 2: Cold Case (beats)
Starchaser Radio
Starchaser Radio 2
The Starlight Zone
StH (Sonic the Hamilton)
StH: Chaos
StH: Chaos vs Knuckles
StH: The Rize of KnuckLES
StH: The Rize of KnuckLES (fist 2)
StH2: HD
StH3: Red Shoe Diaries
StH4: Shadow the Hamilton
StHZERO: The Death Of Charles Hamilton
Substance Abuse
Tafie2much: One 4 FDA
Take Me To Your Leader
Tarot Freestyle
Thank You, Dr. Doom
The Black Box (iTunes/Amazon)
The Body of Charles Hamilton
The End of Charles Hamilton.
The Heart of Charles Hamilton
The Mind of Charles Hamilton (4vr15)
The Soul of Charles Hamilton
TheWarmthOfSpring (Soundcloud)
This Perfect 3 Song Mixtape
This Perfect Life
This Perfect Life (Mastered)
The Truth is Pink
TWA Flight 801: Steve Smith and the Blazer
TWA Flight 801: The Clyde Drexler Spell
TWA Flight 801: Trailblazin'
Ugly Desdemona
Ugly Instrumentals
Uncle Jigga's Wardrobe
The UP
Up To Par
V2k12 instrumental
Vampire Sunlight
W.I.C.H. craft
Waitin' On Tasha
Watching and Listening
Well Isn't This Awkward...
Well This Isn't Awkward
What The Hell's Wrong With YOU?!
When Razor Met Wrist
Winter Rush
Zombie Apocalypse
The Zone
4Whore/Stanley Ipkiss
10 Things I Hate About Me
335 (Demevolist)
2012ilton: Music Inspired By Diablo III